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Popular Baby boy names starting with A

Here are a few of the shortlisted Hindu names of baby boys starting with the letter A.

Popular 50 Baby Names Starting with Letter A

Aadhish - Wise, Intelligent

Aadavan - Sanskrit meaning of sun

Aadhaan - One who is first

Anmol - Invaluable

Anshul - Radiant

Aadvik - Unique, Different

Aryan - Of Aryan race, Noble

Arjun - Bright, Shining

Arnav - Ocean, Sea

Arya - Noble

Arvind - Lotus

Anupam - Incomparable

Atul - Unmatched, Incomparable

Avikar - Immortal

Avinash - Indestructible, Unconquerable

Ayushmaan - Long life

Ayaan - Gift of God

Aniruddh - Lord Vishnu

Abeer - Fragrance

Abhimanyu - Arjuna's son

Aadi - Beginning, First

Aarav - Peaceful

Aayush - Long life

Abhay - Fearless

Abhinav - New, Innovative

Amay - Boundless

Adarsh - Ideal, Model

Advait - Non-dual, Unique

Agastya - Name of a sage

Ahan - Dawn, Morning

Ashutosh - Lord Shiva

Amar - Immortal

Amish - Honest

Amogh - Unerring, Flawless

Abhayveer/Abhaiveer - Brave, Courageous

Aniket - Lord of the World

Arindam - Destroyer of enemies

Arjan - The one who is earning

Ankush - Control, Check

Adhrit - Lord Vishnu

Aditya - Sun, Son of Aditi

Akash - Sky, Ether

Akhil - Complete, Whole

Akshaj - Lord Vishnu

Akshar - Imperishable

Angad - One who is unmovable, ornament

Adamya - Unconquerable, Fearless

Anandamay - Full of Joy

Animesh - Open-eyed, Watchful

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