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The Right Path to Garbh Sanskar Book Series

New and Improved Second Version is Out Now !!

Available in Hindi And English Languages

By Bharat Sanskaron Ki Janani
Have you ever thought how could you develop your child's abilities in the womb?
The answer is Garbh Sanskar.

  • But how to do Garbh Sanskar?
  • What needs to be done as part of daily routine?
  • What should be done in a certain month of pregnancy?
  • Can I get all the information at one place?

You must have had these questions in mind and like everyone else, you must be searching for answers online through videos and apps. Longer usage of phone during pregnancy is not recommended due to its harmful radiations and blue light which could be tiring for the mind and eyes. So what's the solution?
The solution is "The Right Path to Garbh Sanskar".
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The Right Path
for an all-round development of the baby
To overcome above mentioned problems, Bharat Sanskaron Ki Janani has launched an 8 book series (from 2nd month of Pregnancy to 9th Month) which focuses on:

  • Awareness of Pregnancy problems and overcoming them using natural ways
  • Having a healthy and safe pregnancy
  • Boosting 5Q (5 Quotient - Physical, Spiritual, Emotional, Social and Intelligent) development on the child
  • Following Garbh Sanskar practices at your comfort and without phone

This is the World's first
Month-Wise, Activity Based Pregnancy Book Series for
Pregnancy Care and a Healthy and Happy Baby.

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What you are going to get from these books?

   Prayer of the Month
   A visit to the Doctor (New)
   Diet according to Shastras
   Healthy Recipes
   Do's and Dont's
   Common problems and solutions
   BhagawadGita Gyan
   Yoga, Pranayam Guidance
   Moral Stories
   Meditation of the month
   Garbh Samvad of the month
   Math, English and Logical Puzzles
   Creativity Exercises
   PQ, EQ, SQ and IQ Activities
   FREE Daily Routine (New)
   FREE BONUSES if you register the book online
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FREE Bonuses

Each one of this book comes with FREE bonuses which you can redeem at this website. These bonuses are totally FREE and would help you in sticking to your Garbh Sanskar routine.

Memory Games
To boost yours and child's memory skills
Pregnancy Tracker
Your daily routine pregnancy checklist
Premium Content
Premium Garbh Sanskar Videos
Raag & Music
Music and Raagas that you should hear
Puzzle Answers
Answers with detailed explanation
Share your activities with community

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