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Popular baby boy names starting with B

Here are a few of the shortlisted Hindu names of baby boys starting with the letter B.

Popular 50 Baby Names Starting with Letter B

Bhalendra :  Lord of strength

Bharatendu :  King of India

Bhaumik :  Attached to the earth

Bhaumit :  Son of the earth

Bhavamanyu :  Creator of universe

Bhavendra :  Lord of the world

Bhaveshwar :  Lord of the world

Bhavik :  Devotee of God

Bhavikesh :  Lord of the universe

Bhavikram :  Lord of the universe

Bhavish :  Future

Bhavishyat :  Future

Bhavuk :  Emotions

Bhavyakrit :  Creator of grandeur

Bhavyansh :  Part of grandeur

Bhavyanshu :  Part of grandeur

Bheemesh :  A character from Mahabharata

Bhomik :  Attached to the earth

Bhoopat :  Lord of the earth

Bhoopati :  Lord of the earth

Bhoopesh :  Lord of the earth

Bhoopeshwar :  Lord of the earth

Bhooshit :  Decorated

Bhudev :  Lord of the earth

Bhudhavat :  Wise, Intelligent

Bhupaat :  Lord of the earth

Bhupath :  Lord of the earth

Bhupesh :  King of the earth

Bhupinder :  King of the earth

Bhuvam :  Heaven

Bhuvan :  World, Universe

Bhuvanendra :  King of the world

Bhuvanesh :  Lord of the world

Bhuvanraj :  King of the world

Bhuvesh :  Lord of the earth

Bhuvit :  Worldly

Bimalendu :  Bright moon

Bimaljit :  One who has won over impurity

Bindusar :  An excellent pearl

Biren :  Lord of warriors

Birenjit :  Conqueror of warriors

Bhavin :  beautiful and blessing

Banajit :  Vishnu; one who conquers with arrows

Balendu :  Young moon

Bhavya :  Grand, Splendid

Baneet: Polite

Bibhas :  A raga

Brahmabrata: Ascetic

Brihant :  Powerful, Righteous

Bhrigu :  Name of a saint


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