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The ancient science of Garbh Sanskar

Our ancient Indian sages knew the power of Garbh Sanskar. They had the divine wisdom which they acheived through years of penance. They believed that the soul is on a journey when it takes birth in this world. And Garbh Sanskar prepares a soul to complete this journey happily and peacefully.

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What are the 16 sanskaras according to Hindu scriptues?

Hindu religion prescribes 16 sanskaras that should be done for every person taking birth in this world. According to Maharishi Ved Vyas, following are the sanskaras performed for each human from birth till death.

  1. Garbhadhan Sanskar
  2. Punsavan Sanskar
  3. Seemantonnayan Sanskar
  4. Jaatkram Sanskar
  5. Naamkaran Sanskar
  6. Nishkraman Sanskar
  7. Annaprashan Sanskar
  8. Choodakarm (Mundan) Sanskar
  9. Karnavedh Sanskar
  10. Yagyopaveet Sanskar
  11. Vedarambh Sanskar
  12. Keshant Sanskar
  13. Samavartan Sanskar
  14. Vivah Sanskar
  15. Aavasshyadham Sanskar
  16. Shrotadham Sanskar

Out of the 16 Sanskaras mentioned above, 8 sanskaras are done before the child is 1 year old. The first Sanskar, Garbhdhan Sanskar, is done even before a Child's birth !!


Because our ancestors believed that its easier to incorporate Sanskaras in a child when its younger. Once grown up, those sanskaras drive them in their life's journey.

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Ancient Sanskars, backed by Science

In today's era, very few families or societies even know about all of these 16 sanskaras, forget about people actually practicing them to the core. Are these really not that important that people have forgotten them?

Sanskaras are very important and essential to create a human with good values and character. Every sansakar has its own importance which helps in one's development to lead a healthy and peaceful life and ultimately acheive "Nirvana" or "Moksha".

While people think that this is all a mere historic belief of Hindu religion but all these sanskaras are actually backed by scietific proofs. For example, a pregnant mother's habits transfers into their child, the music that a mother listens the most during pregnancy is, by default, becomes the favorite music of the child. Our history has a lot of examples in Abhimanyu learning the Chakravyuha in her mother's womb, Queen Madalasa shaping her children as per her wishes, Bhakt Prahlad became a Vishnu Devotee from birth even when he was born in a Demon family. Swami Vivekananda, Chhatrpati Shivaji and a lot of legends were born due to their Mother's strong dedication and will-power.

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You may have learned a lot from the Internet regarding Garbh Sanskar but the knowledge from the internet can be overwhelming. Unless you know the correct practices, you may end up doing more harm than good for your child. To really make the most out of this divine knowledge you need a mentor:

  •  Who can guide you in this journey with a systematic approach
  •  Who has experience of ups & downs in pregnancy
  •  Who has researched & implemented the Garbh Sanskar knowledge effectively in their pregnancy

Who we are?

We are a team of professionals headed by Ms. Arpita Agrawal who is a Chartered Accountant by qualification but by heart, she drives her life on spiritual principles. She decided to run Garbh Sanskar classes to fulfill her mission: ”Let’s Create a Cultured Generation”. She is the founder of Bharat Sanskaron Ki Janani Youtube Channel. She has been providing Garbh Sanskar, Conception guidance, and Parenting classes for the last 3 years and has helped a lot of women for making their pregnancy memorable. She has done around 2000+ hours of research for Garbh Sanskar practices in ancient Indian Scriptures, Top-rated authors, Scientific discoveries, and other related articles and blogs. She is also invited as a Guest Speaker on Garbh Sanskar in various institutions.

Hello, I'm Arpita. I was born and raised in a very small town in a spiritually inclined family. I am a chartered accountant by profession and had a successful career. However, when I started planning for my baby, I came across the term "garbhsanskar". After hours of research, I realized that many people associate it with health guidance, yoga advice, homeopathy/ayurvdic medicine, one-day yagya. I was skeptical about how these activities could truly impart sanskar (values and culture) to my baby. To find a more authentic approach, I delved into Vedic literature, scientific evidence, and the works of renowned authors. Also took training for Garbh Sanskar, Marma Theraphy, Accupressure therapy, Healing and by combining knowledge of my reaseach and studies I uncovered simple yet highly effective methods for it. Based on this research and training, I developed a systematic syllabus for expecting mothers and couples planning to conceive, which we now offer through our classes and books. Additionally, we understand the importance of maintaining a positive mindset during pregnancy, so we actively share uplifting content through our channel "Bharat Sanskaron Ki Janani".
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Ms. Khushbu Gupta
B.Sc in yoga and psychology
M.Sc. in Yogic science

Ms. Khushbu Gupta is a highly experienced yoga trainer with a rich background spanning 12 years. She has contributed her expertise to various settings including schools, multinational companies, and the prestigious Delhi AIIMS in the Physiology Department. For the past 3 years, Ms. Gupta has been dedicatedly serving as a prenatal yoga trainer with Bharat Sanskaron Ki Janani. Her deep understanding of yoga's benefits and her compassionate approach make her a valuable asset in guiding individuals towards optimal physical and mental well-being, particularly during the precious stages of pregnancy.
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Dr. Rajkumar Satankar
Ph.D. from IIT Jodhpur
B.E., M.Tech. in Mechanical Engg.

Dr. Rajkumar Satankar is a distinguished expert with a Ph.D. from IIT Jodhpur, renowned for his roles as an innovator, counselor, and motivator. He has a patent to his name for creating "G-Filter", a unique cost-efficient highly effective clay ceramic water filter. With an extensive understanding of the Bhagavad Gita and Shri Ram Charit Manas, he has been imparting his wisdom for over two decades across various institutes and charitable trusts. Dr. Satankar's profound knowledge and practical insights into these timeless scriptures have empowered countless individuals to navigate life's challenges, find inner peace, and achieve personal growth.
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Ms. Priya Agrawal Astrology, Numerology and Tarot Professional
PG in Commerce

Ms. Priya Agrawal is a distinguished Astrology & Numerology expert with an impressive 7-year track record. As a gold medalist in her field, she brings a profound understanding of astrology and numerology to her practice. Ms. Agrawal has dedicated herself to enhancing the lives of others by implementing transformative changes through these ancient sciences. She firmly believes that while we cannot alter our date and time of birth, we can significantly impact our destiny by adjusting the spelling of our names. By harmonizing the numbers in our names, she helps individuals align with their numerology charts, fostering growth and success in their chosen paths.

Join our Garbh Sanskar Classes for the most
Comprehensive, Scientific and Easy to Do
Vedic Garbh Sanskar practices

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Bharat Sanskaron Ki Janani - Garbh Sanskar Classes

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Why Choose Us?
Because our approach is Scientific, Informative & Practical

Our online classes are informative, flexible and repeatable. We have done extensive research on the topic of Garbh Sanskar and we have devised classes in such a practical way that everyone, whether you are working or a home maker, can take benefit from them.
Our Garbh Sanskar Classes:

  • Are based on ancient scriptures backed by recent scientific researches
  • Have flexible timings
  • Are easy to understand and follow without taking much pressure on yourself
  • Are focused according to your running trimester
  • Are open to clearing all your doubts & queries
  • A systematic approach to improve your lifestyle by following an idea routine for a healthy future

Knowledge from the internet can be overwhelming. Unless you know the correct practices, you may end up doing more harm than good for your child.

We have created a large variety of Garbh Sanskar videos for Pregnant ladies to:
Connect with their baby through Garbh Samvad,
Pray god for the well-being of the baby,
Develop morality through Stories,
Teach the womb baby about our great leaders,
Mantra Chanting for meditation and increasing brain activity,
Understand Bhagavad Gita, and many more

Watch Garbh Sanskar Videos

Some of the topics We Cover in our Classes

We take Science and Spirituality together for teaching various aspects of Garbh Sanskar. Our classes cover the following topics related to Garbh Sanskar:

  • Ideal life routine in pregnancy (Customized after your counseling)
  • Punsavan Sanskar During Pregnancy
  • Garbh Samvad, a very special technique to communicate with your fetus. Different methods of doing Garbh Samvad
  • Room Decoration
  • Work on Baby's EQ (Emotional Quotient), IQ (Intelligence Quotient), SQ (Social Quotient), PQ (Physical Quotient), and SQ (Spiritual Quotient)
  • Healing and Chakra balancing for Divine Pregnancy & Mentally Balanced, Genius and Energetic Baby
  • Music Therapy during Pregnancy
  • Normal Delivery Guide
  • Astrology & pregnancy
  • Multiple intelligence development in baby
  • Divine Energy Linking Meditation
  • Brain stimulation technique that enhances the co-ordination of the left and right brain
  • Superfoods in pregnancy
  • Mudra therapy during pregnancy
  • After Delivery Support - Parenting Tips
  • Special Classes for those who are in planning phase
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Who should take Garbh Sanskar Classes and When?

It is said that the child's first 1000 days defines their personality. This is the most important time when you can set up a strong foundation for your baby so that they become a better human being when they grow up. Our classes start from the planning phase till the child is 2 years old. Click on an option to know further.

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